Mobile SFA

Organize and Oversee Tours of Sales Team

  • Schedule regular tours of the sales team on the field
  • Capture the time and duration of each customer visit
  • Provide map navigation via Google Maps integration
  • Verify planned versus actual route taken by the sales team

Streamline Sales Process

  • Take orders and generate invoices in real time
  • Auto-include frequent and focus SKUs
  • Collect payments on outstanding invoices

Market Survey and Competitor Information

Conduct Market Survey and Acquire Information on Competitor Products

  • Set a questionnaire to complete a market survey
  • Record market feedback via comments and ratings
  • Capture information on competing products (stock, price, schemes, etc.)

Track Merchandizing Activities

  • Record key product facing numbers
  • Document shelf space occupancy
  • Capture photographs before/after rearrangement to prove planogram conformity

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