About Us - Ubq Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Our Mission

Increase the financial and operational efficiency of enterprises using
IT products that are both effective and affordable.

The development team consists of a good balance of domain and technology experts. The team has years of experience in developing enterprise solutions for healthcare and supply chain management systems. Senior system architects from leading MNCs offer a wealth of experience in the technology domain that is required to build high-performance and scalable systems.

The teams understand that the key challenge in making a product successful is in its implementation and hence remain actively engaged with customers until the full benefit of our products is experienced.

The Ubq Team

Our Work Culture

We have an informal work culture that stimulates creativity and performance. Lateral thinking is a basic requirement in our work environment.

We set a high standard of quality for our solutions and remain thoroughly committed towards fulfilling the aspirations of our customers.

Continuous learning is a key focus area for each team member. This enables us to deliver exemplary solutions to our clients.