Energize your Sales and Distribution with Outreach

Acquire real-time visibility into product movements, make sales and marketing strategies successful by basing them on accurate sales information



Collaborate, Plan, Forecast, and Replenish

  • Collaborate with distributors to acquire visibility into stock and sales
  • Plan sales and promotional schemes based on bottom-up data
  • Forecast market demand
  • Replenish distributors and mitigate loss of market share to competitors

Empower Sales Force with Outreach Mobile SFA

  • Empower Sales Force with Outreach Mobile SFA
  • Capture information on merchandizing activities and market intelligence
  • Plan and track routes based on GPS locations



Manage Promotional Schemes and Claims

  • Define promotional schemes
  • Generate scheme-related claims based on actual sales and remove associated leakages
  • Perform cost-benefit analyses of promotional schemes and decide future strategies

Just having satisfied customers isn't the endgame. It is about creating customer-focused culture.

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